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on his dance card, if he had, he may have gotten more bang for his buck. chris wallace. >> they are the biggest bunch of crybabies i have dealt with in my 30 years in washington, and they're constantly on the phone or emailing me, complain. bill: all right, joining us now is the former white house press secretary and fox news contributor, dana perino. were you treated like that, like chris wallace was? >> whenever you get a comment like that, you have a choice to make. you can either take the high road and smile and say, "thank you very much. i am not going to comment on it." or you can engage, and if you engage, you run the risk of looking petulant. bill: all right, so this is a different style now, and i want some inside baseball you. president bush and dick cheney -- dick cheney rarely engages the press. i interviewed him three times, but correct me if i am wrong, nbc news just savaged you, savaged you, but you did not change your opinion of them. you still gave them the access you gave everybody else, right? >> well, they might disagree that we gave them as much acc
except for fox. apparently the obama administration is angry with us and shut chris wallace out. >> these guys, everything is personal. i have got to tell you. >> everything. >> they are the biggest bunch of cry babies i have dealt with in my 30 years in washington. they constantly are on the phone or emailing me complaining. bill: well, the sunday interviews themselves or it's sleepy nobody asked about fired radical jones and only one question about the acorn scandal. >> how about the funding for acorn. >> frankly, it's not really something i followed closely, i didn't even know that acorn was getting a whole lot of federal money. >> the senate and the house have voted to cut it off. >> what i know is what i saw on that video was certainly inappropriate and deserves to be -- >> -- you are not committing to cut off the federal funding. >> george, this is not the biggest issue facing the country. it's not something i'm paying attention to. bill: the president should be paying attention because political corruption is involved that corruption involves taxpayer dollar. while it's n
news? not 100%, but that is rude. they did not do the interview with chris wallace. people are thinking that o'reilly is part of the problem. i am rude sometimes, but always in pursuit of the story. >> do not forget, obama talked to you. bill: i do not know if you live again. >> i think that he will. one, the broadcast side of fox did not carry his last joint address. bill: everyone else did. >> this was a big domestic policy for him. bill: he is getting revenge, it is small. let's look, the second thing is that he got called a racist on our network. he did not like that. he feels that the network is trying to pull him down. but i agree with you. for all the grants they, it was no news -- for all of that grandstanding, it was predictable. bill: elliott is the guest, she gets the last word. >> he thinks that he of the leader. that he is on the way. that he represents all the people. i think that they missed a tremendous opportunity. those people were at church, not watching sunday shows. bill: if he had talked to us it would have been an event. thank you. three muslims arrested on terror
-firing short-range missiles today, "fox news sunday"'s chris wallace sat down with california democratic senator dianne feinstein and missouri republican senator kit bond. getting their take on the iran situation. >> i think this is the moment of decision for iran. iran can either make itself a pariah or it can recognize that it has much more to gain by eliminating any potential military aspects of a nuclear program. >> today's action in firing the missiles, is really a poke in the eye to those who have diplomatic efforts and agreements and inspections, will change the way iran is going. >> jamie: and joining me now, the host of "fox news sunday" who conducted both of those interviews, chris wallace, good morning. >> chris: good morning, jamie. >> jamie: i want to ask you, the defining moment for iran and what they decide to do but did you get the since it is also for the president? >> chris: well, not so much the president as the whole western alliance. because the u.s. and our top allies, also, russia and china will sit down with the iranians, starting in geneva on thursday, and obviou
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for showing the video but now a different tone. talking to our own chris wallace. >> shannon: if you're just tuning in, here are the developing stories we're following. the denver airport shuttle driver and his father and another man are under arrest for making false statement to federal agents in a terror investigation. legal documents contend that najibullah zazi admitted receiving training from al-qaeda in pakistan. all three of the men are scheduled to appear in federal court tomorrow. iran's top leader says the u.s. is wrong about his nation being a nuclear threat. ruhollah khomeini says the state run radio that iran's nuclear program is peaceful. some remarks were the first official reaction since obama scrapped a european missile defense plan last week. authority sais they stopped a wildfire burning in southern california, but not before the fire in riverside county destroyed 12 buildings and forced dozens of people to evacuate their home. defense of a lab technician charged with yale lab student may hinge on trying to convince jurors that the crime scene was contaminated. legal exper
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, even chris wallace corrected him. not the first time he said it, mind you, but the second. wallace was silent. cheney said, quote, i don't know who was running it. this guy, he was in all of the papers. john brennan, he was in the cia when you were vice president. grandpa dick claiming before the prelame li preliminary investigation is even done, it's all political. >> they'll investigate the cia personnel who carried out those investigations. i think it's an outrageous political act that will do great damage long term to our capacity the being able to have people take on political jobs. >> an outrageous police call act to be carried out by this man, john durham, appointed by the bush justice department to look at the interrogation videos. outrageous political act recommended by the office of responsibility, the ethics office of the bush justice department. they questioned why the ethics office recommended the investigation. the same office as the president obama claims, the same office that suggests disbarring bush lawyers. and the torture must have worked, because al qaeda has no
won't barack obama talk to chris wallace on sunday? he is talking to all the other sunday morning device. mr. wallace will be here. >> there were people who admitted that they could not vote for a black man for president. so, it is there. bill: why is bill cosby pushing a race angle in the obama political coverage? we have a follow up report on that. >> this shouldn't have been the cover of time. this should have been the cover of time. bill: glenn beck on fire now the democratic national committee and "time" magazine are featuring him. beck on the factor tonight. caution, you where to enter the no spin zone from d.c. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. reporting tonight from washington. thanks for watching us. covering president obama fair and balanced that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you know, the fox news motto is fair and balanced coverage of hard news. we do that. commentary, however, can never be balanced because
it favorably see three wanted to this morning is because chris wallace host of "fox news sunday" with join us this morning and the 9:00 am hour. tomorrow morning he has an exclusive interview with bertha lewis, president of acorn. we want to solicit e-mails, ask you to send us on twitter and e-mail, friends at foxnews.com, what questions you'd like answered by bertha lister on "fox news sunday". >> dave: it has been a partisan opposition to the group of house and senate. let's get to wreck wreck with was a check for the weather. nice and cool up there? >> dave: -- speaker gets foggy. >> rick: and let me tell you that was one good pulled pork sandwich. but stick with the weather. you see the temperatures. cool across northeast. tonight we will talk about freezes across much of northern england. if you have plans out there coming up if you want it to last. we want to talk quickly about the tropics. a couple things going on. remember we had fred a major hurricane at one point he now you see that little respectively. that was fred. there is some muster the will move over florida monday or tuesday
of lying. today the congressman sat down this morning for an exclusive interview with chris wallace on "fox news sunday" to explain. >> i have respect for the president. i have respect for the office of the president. i would never do something like that again. but -- >> you did do it. >> yes, and i... i just felt so provoked, because, i am on committee, on the committee, of education and labor and i know the amendments that were on -- at ways and means and energy and commerce, and the democrats voted down for citizenship verification and i knew what he said was not true. i read the bill. i read all -- >> let me ask you, i'm going t get into the details in a minute, do you think when the president was saying what he said there that he was lying? >> wow a wanted to hear that answer. -- wow, i want to hear that answer, chris wallace joins us every sunday at this time. what he say, did he think the president was lying. >> chris: well, he said i think he was misleading. but, the big news is the fact that he has said he is not going to apologize to the house. now, immediately after the president
combined. to snub chris wallace, who is hardly any kind of ideologue, one of the fairest people on television, it makes him look stupid. greta: did you know who joe wilson was before he yelled out that comment? >> no. greta: so there is a bit of truth that there? >> when that happened, everyone said that he was the weakest person in the world. greta: being rude does get you on the news shows, that is true. >> news is something out of the ordinary. yelling at the president in the middle of a joint session of congress does not happen every day. it does not mean that we are lionizing joe wilson. let me say clearly, it was the obama campaign that dropped the race question. that said the clintons were racist. they made the case to reporters off the record that the clintons were racist. for him to get up with a straight face and say this, -- greta: how did they bring it up? >> it was a whisper campaign that the clintons did not like him because he was black. famously it was lyndon johnson who side -- signed the civil rights act. somehow it became a racist statement to allies of barack
but the controversy is far from over. chris wallace had an exclusive interview with congressman wilson. caroline shively has the rest of the story. >> joe wilson says he's done saying i'm sorry. listen on "fox news sunday." >> i'm not going to apologize again. i apologized to the president on wednesday night. i was told thank you, let's move on to bipartisan issues. i apologized and it was accepted. i'm not apollizing again. >> talk about the outburst in the president's address to congress wednesday night. mr. obama said illegal immigrants wouldn't get federal money for health insurance and wilson yelled out "you lie." wilson told fox his son called the outburst a town hall moment. he maintains it wasn't his intention but because of the attention he brought to the issue the senate finance committee and president said they'll make sure the legislation includes verification provisions to make sure illegal aliens don't get government money for healthcare insurance. hackers are meanwhile attacking wilson's website to crash it. a source close to wilson tells fox the site was down for five hours frida
. here's what she told chris wallace. >> i don't know how many ads you've seen for scooters on cable tv but i've seen a lot of them. those are scooters paid by american people. a lot of them are going to folks who don't need scooters. it's one example of many examples for we are paying for services or things instead of outcomes. peter: one example, scooters. will the health care overhaul eliminate necessary equipment like wheelchairs and scootersers -- scooters for patients? what do you think about this? what is senator mccaskill talking about? she's gone on for months that somehow we should take away wheelchairs, motorized wheelchairs, and scooters from americans. >> i think this is absolutely outrageous. it proves a point we've been making here again and again, which is insurance is not care. here's your medicare card but you can't get a scooter with it anymore. you're paralyzed. you have multiple sclerosis. you have emphysema, you can't breathe. you broke a bone, you need a motorized wheelchair to get around. here's the important point. think claire mccaskill should go to medical sch
, the head of acorn, who is much under fire, this week, speaking to "fox news sunday," chris wallace. we'll have what she told chris coming up and we'll analyze that with john fund from the "wall street journal." >> clayton: and we at fox news are following a breaking story, as we said we have breaking news, and the new york city terror alert we have been following, the chief suspect in that terror plot, now under arrest this morning, along with his father, and another man, joining us from denver, this morning, is alicia acuna with the latest. this morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys, the three men arrested were naijbullah zazi and his father, a citizen of the u.s. and a new york man, and all three according to the justice department are being charged with making false statements to federal agents and the arrest came late last night-and-as the man and his father were taken into federal custody on the heels of a week which included both of them undergoing questioning by the fbi and a search of two homes and a raid on several homes in queens and according to documents filed in federal
said you might be able to infer it from what is -- written there but not in the report. chris wallace failed to ask about evidence that torture hurt us and not just in terms of reputation but in terms of our safety. you never brought that -- never brought the negatives up in this interview. >> right. watching chris wallace interview dick cheney, words of andrew sullivan, like watching a teenage journalist interviewing the jonas brothers. only way it could have been lower in sarah palin interviewed dick cheney herself. if you looked at the questions wallace asked, there was not a single hard question there except when he corrected him on the issue of the cia paying for the defense of the individuals. we don't have real journalism for the most part in this society when we talk about the question of torture. the fact is that if the american people were aware in detail, drumbeat coverage of what was being done in their name, power drills, squeezing of testicles, flattening people's heads against walls, the things that went on it would stop. that's the role of journalists and yet we see --
talking with chris wallace that interview did not escape notice at the white house. here's what national security adviser general jim jones said in response. >> obviously, the former vice president feels strongly about certain things. i don't know if it is a question of legacy. i was on active duty when these techniques were used. i was surprised and disappointed. i just think it comes down to the basic laws and values. john: judy the former vice president obviously pushed back hard against some of the changes and plans the obama administration has in regard to national security. yet, it seems like the more they talk about this, the more the former vice president's poll numbers go up, and the president's poll numbers drop. are the media out of touch with the way the public feels about this? >> i think you have the exact opposite of what is going on with president obama. which is, people want to hear an opposing view they don't consider a crazy view. cheney even though he is referred to as planet cheney, he does represent a lot of what people are worried about and thinking about. we haven
there talking with fox news sunday host chris wallace. this interview did not escape notice at the white house. here is what national security advisor, general jim jones said in response. >> obviously, the former vice-president feels strongly about certain things. i don't know if it's a question of legacy, i was on active duty when these techniques were used. i was surprised and disappointed. i think it comes down to the basic laws and our values. >> report, judy, the former vice-president obviously pushed back hard against some of the changes and some of the plans the obama administration has in regard to national security and yet, it seems like, now, the more they talk about this, the more the former vice-president's poll numbers go up and the president's poll numbers drop. i mean, are the media out of touch with the way the public chls about this? >> well, i think you have the exact opposite of what's going on with president obama. which is people want to hear an opposing view that they don't consider a kind of crazy view. and cheney, even though rachel refers to him as planet cheney. chene
denounced it as a teenaged girl interviewing the jonas brothers, fox's chris wallace did manage to ask mr. cheney if he was okay with torture techniques that went even beyond those that were purportedly legalized by the bush lawyers. >> this -- inspector general's report which was just released from 2004 details specific interrogations. mock executions, one of the detainees threatened with a hand gun and electric drill, waterboarding 183 times. do you think what they did was wrong? >> it was good policy, properly carried and out and worked very, very well. >> even these cases they went beyond the specific legal authorization you are okay with it? >> i am. >> i am. even though they went through the motions of trying to make some kinds of torture look legal on planet cheney, feel free to ignore even that cubic zirconia imitation of law. planet cheney is always fascinating. it seems to be the major voice of the republican party. his only competition for that is his own daughter who says the same things he does. the fact that dick cheney continues to be the voice of opposition to accountabili
rules. neil: all right, i want to switch back and go back to chris wallace' interview with dick cheney, where he talked about the attorney general going after the cia and this investigation that was overtly political. what do you make of that, and where is this going? >> i thought was a separate interview, both by chris wallace and by the former vice president. i agree. this was a cowardly act on the part of the administration. he washed his hands of it and said it was up to eric holder, and the president said that he thought we should be looking forward, not backward, and then he turns it over to holder, something that was already invested five years ago and resulted in some person who acted inappropriately getting in trouble. they now say they will go back to look at what the previous administration authorized, and we will be looking at the cia operators who used guidance to take actions to keep america safe and leave open the possibility that it could also and bobby lawyers and gave the advice, not only -- it could also involve the lawyers who gave the advice. this is dreadful in th
republican joe wilson. we'll talk to chris wallace, the host of fox news sunday about the president's progress when it comes to health care reform. plus gwen is back with today's weather and a workweek preview. stay with us. we'll be right back.  >>> the time for bickering is over. the time for gain has passed. now is the season for action. now is when we must bring the best ideas of both parties together and show the american people that we can still do what we were sent here to do. now is the time to deliver on health care. >>> that's the president delivering a determined message to congress about health care reform. will it be a turning point for capitol hill to reach a compromise or will a lawmaker's outburst stop the bill. chris wallace is with us this morning. >> good morning, mal annie, that outburst has become a lighting rod. he's on the show to explain what happened. what do you think about that. >> it's going to be fascinating. he has become, other than president obama, the other star of wednesday night. and it's interesting how it has turned, because i think th
's a reason why he cannot do -- he didn't do fox news sunday, chris wallace would not have let that happen. chris wallace would have knocked him off his talking points and forced him to answer real questions about the real details and he didn't want it. he uses the excuse of the fox broadcast network didn't let him on and yet fox news -- i give you guys credit. you believe in accountability. and you believe in respect. and sean, you treat your guests with respect and the whole network holds guests accountable for what they say, what they do, what an outrage you've just shown. sean: we have bob beckel on and he'll be disrespectful to me and i'll be respectful back. i'm kidding. bob is watching over here. but in all seriousness, i think not doing fox was a mistake but we know why by looking at that mann tahj. he lit -- that mom todge. he -- montage. he literally regurgitates the same phrases. when he speaks the numbers for health care go down. latest rasmussen poll, 56% of americans now oppose, 43% support. this is after the big push, this is after the sunday shows. it's not working. so i'm
.e.o., bertha lewis and california republican congressman darryl issa will be chris wallace's guests on "fox news sunday." well, acorn and healthcare are just two of the subjects being discussed by people attending what is called the values voters' summit in washington this weekend. james rosen reports on the fertile field for conservatives looking to plant seeds of renewal. >> i'm a former federal trial lawyer, and i believe in tort reform. >> you're looking for the death panel, you need to go up to room 3200 and ask for nancy pelosi. >> when the president said seemingly airtight rhetoric the other night that "under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortion," those words were demonstrably false and extraordinarily misleading. >> red meat for the residents of red straight nation, 2,000 pro life and faith-based activists at the values voters summit, a must-attend event for presidential candidates looking to woo the evangelical right. today's seekers included mitch mcconnell and eric cantor, the house republican whip and carrie prejean, the ms. usa contestant who lost because
of congress this week. so chris wallace going so join us from fox news sunday to talk about that and what the other plans are as we go into this. good morning, chris. >> good morning, melanie. >> and how woulyou gauge the lawmakers opinion after the town hall meetings. do you think they're weary of the debate or are they coming back with more resolve? >> i think they're probably looking, particularly the democrats, for some instruction and some cover, political cover from president obama. a lot of the democrats got beaten around the around on the town hall meetings and part of the problem for democrats is there is not a plan for support because there are a variety of plans and ideas out there. i'm told by a top white house official that i spoke to this week, and i said how specifically he be on issues and they say very specific. they say all of the issues that people have out there about puic optn or no public option, how to pay for it, the kind of mandates that will be on companies and individuals, that there will be to doubt when the speech is over where the president stands, what he wa
everything. >> jamie: and joining me now, the host of "fox news sunday," chris wallace, you know, chris i'm a little struck in the comment from howard dean. that it is a loss for the country. especially after some of the things that van jones has said, that were recorded, that were public and now, everybody knows. >> chris: well, you know, there are two sides to the argument and obviously -- and from the political side i think everybody would agree, he had to go, some of the things he had said in the past and, especially, signing that petition in 2004, suggesting that the government, u.s. government had some involvement and complicity in 9/11, that was a killer, on the other hand, you know, in fairness to jones we need to point out that he did -- was something of an expert on the environmental issues, he had written' best-selling book called "the green collar economy" and so you can understand that some liberals, some left-wing partisans, would believe that his radical and unacceptable statements didn't characterize his entire career. >> jamie: that makes sense and the speech the presiden
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. >> brian: you can hear more of the fiery debate on health care with chris wallace, guests, newt gingrich and howard dean. check your listings for time and channel you don't want to misses fox news sunday. as north korea moves ahead with nuclear plans, american and south korean negotiators are straegiztegizing the best w for them to disarm. they're looking at conciliatory actions will gain them favor and talks with the united states. quid pro quo, what did the brits get for releasing the be lockerbie bomber. this will make you mad, folks, be back in a moment. great looking skin... it's in the dna. [ female announcer ] new regenerist dna cream with spf 25 doesn't just correct. it helps protect your dna without a $200 department store price tag. olay regenerist. discover gives you a cash back bonus on every single purchase. what you do with it is up to you. what will you get back with your cash back? it pays to discover. >> the calls to resign are mounting for one obama official to said pretty outrageous things in the past. it's the bottom of the hour, caroline shively standing by with the
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>> i'm chris wallace and this is >> i'm chris wallace and this is "fox news sunday." captioning made possible by fox news >> global flash points. iran secretly expands its nuclear program. afghanistan where the top u.s. commander wants reinforcements and here in the u.s. a serious terror plot is uncovered. we'll examine all of them with a fair and balanced look with dianne feinstein and kit bond. then the governor race for virginia. has it become a referendum? we'll sit down with republican candidate bob mcdonnell. how did the president do on the world stage? we'll ask our sunday panel. and our power player of the week, a young man behind the undercover acorn videos. all right now on "fox news sunday." and hello again from fox news in washington. with new developments this week from iran to afghanistan, the homeland security, we're joined by the leaders of the senate intelligence committee, the chairman, dianne feinstein, and vice chair, christopher bond. senators, welcome back to "fox news sunday." let's start with iran and the disclosure that it has been building a secret nucl
washington. "fox news sunday" is up next. stay tuned for chris wallace's interviews with howard dean and newt gingrich. i'm shannon bream. thanks for watching fox where more news is always on the way. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. >>> i'm chris wallace, a white house resignation, next on "fox news sunday." healthcare reform take two. the president goes prime time to get a top domestic priority back on track. what should he say to convince the skeptical pub live and a divided -- public and a divided congress. we designed a panel to find out. lamar alexander. howard dean, former head of the democratic party. newt gingrich, former speaker of the house and john podesta who headed the obama transition. >>> then, a planned presidential speech to school kids has some parents crying foul. we'll ask our sunday group, kristol, liasson, hayes and williams about the controversy. all right now on "fox news sunday." and h ellow again from fox news in washington. first news that is probably not in your morning paper. van jones, president obama's special advisor for green jobs
for football. >>> that does it for us this morning on fox >> i'm chris wallace and this is >> i'm chris wallace and this is "fox news sunday." captioning made possible by fox news >> president obama makes his case for health care reform. now it's congress' turn. we'll talk with four senators at the heart of the debate, democrats claire mccaskill and kent conrad and republicans lindsey graham and orrin hatch. then his outbursts during the speech has got everyone talking. we'll sit down with a man who caed out the president, congressman joe wilson, in a "fox news sunday" exclusive. plus, the road ahead in afghanistan. eight years after 9/11. are democrats in congress prepared to block the president's plan for victory? we'll ask our sunday regulars, brit, mara, bill and juan. and our power player of the week, big labor's biggest voice, all right now on "fox news sunday." and hello again from fox news in washington. we'll talk with congressman joe wilson in a few minutes about his outburst during the president's speech and whether he will apologize on the house floor or face some form of discipline
. tomorrow on fox news sunday, chris wallace discusses the topic he said the president needs to convince the people and members of his party. his vision for reform is the best course of action. >> house democrat liberals are saying there has to be a public option, moderate democrats in the senate are saying there can't be. he has to figure some way to reconcile his own party. >> what's the cure for health care? we examine the issue and the proposed legislation in depth next saturday night. cure for health care will air at ten: first on september 12th. >>> as millions of americans take an extended holiday weekend, president obam announces new initiatives to help workers. >>reporter: as we spend time with family and friends this labor day weekend, many of us will also be knowledging about the state of working americans. >>reporter: president obama said working america is finding it harder than ever to save for retirement. in his weekly radio address, the president announced several ways to help americans save. one would automatically enroll workers into an employer-sponsored 401k acco
chris wallace, or someone sitting in for chris wallace? we have chris wallace next. clayton: this is a fox news alert. brand new unemployment numbers about to be released. we will break them down for you on the other side of this break. alisyn: someone called the fashion police, or a doctor. we will be right back. time together... real conversations... and memories. all for under $2 a serving. stouffer's. let's fix dinner. if you get sick, or change jobs. eight ways reform matters to you. a cap on deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. no annual or lifetime limits on coverage. preventive care. covered. pre-existing conditions. covered. no higher rates due to gender. extended coverage for young adults. no more coverage denied if you get sick. and guaranteed renewal, even if you do. learn more today. i know landscaping, but i didn't know how wireless could help my business. i just don't know how wireless can help my business. tara showed me how i could keep track of my employees in the field and get more jobs done faster. i was blown away. i'm blown away. only verizon wireless h
and prostitute how to lie about their profession and launder their ill gotten gains. bertha lewis did grant chris wallace an interview. >> what i saw on that video was certainly inappropriate and deserves to be -- >> you are not committing to cut off fed rat funding. >> this is -- federal funding. >> frankly, it is not something i followed closely. i didn't even know that acorn was getting federal funding. >> president obama is a smart thoughtful person. what he does is his decision. i would never presume to tell the president whether he should veto a bill or not. >> he says that he believes that acorn should be investigated. >> well, that is his opinion also. >> geraldo: so now the president,, the man with the long standing ties to acorn. he was a their lawyer. his campaign paid them over $800,000 to help get out the vote and now he, the president of the united states with the close ties to acorn has joined the growing chorus of critics demanding that the multimillion dollar national organization of community organizations be investigated. reverend al, that must come as a crushing blow to acorn
. with us now is chris wallace. among modern presidents, i do not recall any of them falling that far that fast. how much it is related to health care, and how much can the president changed on wednesday night in his address to the nation? >> a lot has to do with health care, and it has been a tough month. this is been a tough month for the administration, they lost control. calling for a joint session of congress -- this president will be all in, and this will be a big speech on wednesday. i was talking to an official who said that the president will be very a a specific in this bill and this speech about what he wants to see about reform. there has been a lot of confusion out there, the president has not been specific, he has been talking about principles, there have been some bills and the house and senate and anyone who has any question where he stands on the big issues, like public option and how you will pay for it and the cost curve and rationing and all of that, desk panels, he will be very specific. at the end. they may have learned a lesson from bill and hillary clinton back
. steve centanni, thank you. chris wallace taking a look on fox news sunday. his guest this weekend includes a senate intelligence committee member, and there they are, dianne feinstein and kitt bond. that should be a good "fox news sunday" this weekend. global economic leaders became a little less exclusive today. the united states, britain, and six other wealthy nations said they would include some other developing nations, including china and india, as they tackle big issues like global climate change. peter barnes is live at the summit in pittsburgh where the announcement came today. peter, how big of an announcement is this? >> pretty big. this is the big industrialized countries recognizing the new economy, acknowledging that china, india, and brazil and other emerging countries are going to be the drivers of economic growth in the 21st century. just last year, china surpassed germany as the third largest economy in the world, and they declared officially the g-20, the group of 20 countries including these countries, where beebe official forum for global economic cooperation g
. chris wallace joins us now. >> good morning, allison. >> you were talking with bob mcdonnell this weekend and how much of a reflection is this on the white house, where he stands in the polls? >> well, obviously when voters go in, there are messages they want to send and i think primarily their voting on issues and the specific candidates, but having said that, it certainly will be read nationally. there are only two big races this year because 2009 is considered an off year. one is virginia and the other is new jersey. and virginia's governor race will be read nationally by people. if creigh deeds is able to win, it will be seen as an indication that this red state has not only turned purple, but blue. a lot of democrats have won over the last few years. but if bob mcdonnell win it's will be seen as not so fast. we invited creigh deeds to come on fox news sunday and we would still like to have him but so far he's refused to come so we'll be lking with bob mcdonnell. >> and another topic is afghanistan. we recently got a look at a letter from the top general in afghanistan sa
sunday tomorrow morning. chris wallace will have an exclusive interview with acorn's ceo bertha lewis. congressman darryl issa who has written a big report on the investigation will join chris. the way do you this, you check your local listings for the time and channel, don't miss fox news sunday. americans say they want the jobs being filled by illegal implants, a finding by the new study for immigration studies. the study looked at raids on six meat packing plants owned by swift and company, back in the year 2006. nearly 1300 illegals were arrested, that was 10% of the labor force at the plants. and all the plants were back in full staffing within five months and most of the new jobs went to americans, what's more, a number of the plants have reported wage and bonus increases of 8%. >> well, should we be sending additional troops to afghanistan, should we be pulling back our missile defense in europe. should the justice department probe cia interrogation practices? all questions for former secretary of defense, william cowan, after the break. hey, it's me, water. did you know that w
wolverines stung. would feel would feel a big upsite. 38-34 over the irish. chris wallace celebrating without a doubt, this morning. that will do it. >> let's turn our attention to what's happening tonight here, later this afternoon, excuse me, later tonight after football, i guess, finally football season is back, whenever 60 minutes comes on the air we don't know because that's when football gets in its way. president obama is going to appear on 60 minutes for the third time during his presidency and we have a little sneak preview of what he is going to say, as he tackles health care, take a listen. >> i have no interest in having had a bill get passed that fails, that doesn't work. you know, i intend to be president for a while and once this bill passes, i own it. and if people look and say, you know what, this hasn't reduced my costs, my premiums are still going up 25%, insurance companies are still jerking me around, i'm the one who's going to be held responsible. so, i have every incentive to get this right. >> so, taking a harry truman style, the buck stops there, that's on his shoulde
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